September 12, 2017 to Present
Prior Bankruptcies
Record Type
Record Information
Law Firm
Case Number
9/12/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANNABELLE YAZZIE; EMMANUEL GAMEZNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-10697
9/12/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJAMES STOKESPRO SE4:17-bk-10700
9/12/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKYLE E MARTINRIGGS ELLSWORTH AND PORTER PLC4:17-bk-10717
9/12/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGLENDA A GRIJALVAJUDGE LAW FIRM4:17-bk-10736
9/12/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDANIEL M UROFFLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-10691
9/12/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRENEE A RUBENMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-10709
9/12/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationALBERT G ANAYA JRERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-10723
9/12/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRODNEY W PIEREN; NORMA L PIERENLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-10739
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRICHARD B WRIGHT; DONNA J WRIGHTLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-10964
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL R GASKER; ANN M GASKERLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-10965
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJUAN J ROMAN; GLORIA A ROMANUPRIGHT LAW4:17-bk-10971
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationALICIA D SERENCSA-MITCHELLBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-10973
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRED J LIKENLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-10981
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJUDY R MASTERS-EWENMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC4:17-bk-10987
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJUAN URQUIJO; CARLA URQUIJOERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-10989
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGREGORY R PATTERSONTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-10991
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSEONAID A BARNGROVERLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-10992
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPATRICIA M ARMENDAREZUPRIGHT LAW4:17-bk-10994
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRICARDO D GONZALESTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-11001
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJON L CALLAHAN; LUPITA P CALLAHANRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-11006
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDECARLO H BROWN; GRACE L BROWNLAW OFFICE OF RAYMOND J STEELE4:17-bk-11010
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationEARL MINCERCARR LAW PC4:17-bk-11019
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOHN D TRENTONATCHLEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11021
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL A CAPONO; AMANDA A CAPONOMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11024
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCARLOS M JIMENEZ; BRISA B JIMENEZOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-11027
9/19/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationIRIS L DUNAVANTLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-11029
9/19/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOSE A DELEONMCDONALD LAW OFFICE PLLC4:17-bk-10966
9/19/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationERIN M WOLFFMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC4:17-bk-10977
9/19/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationKATHLEEN ADAMSCATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-10988
9/19/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRACHEL D GARZAOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-10990
9/19/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationOCTAVIA L ROLLINS-MEZAMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC4:17-bk-11005
9/19/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDONNA L CASTILLOLAW OFFICE OF CHERYL K COPPERSTONE4:17-bk-11018
9/19/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSTEPHEN M FINDLEY; EILEEN R FINDLEYMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11025
9/19/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTHEODORE A WILLIAMS; DEEANNA R WILLIAMSUPRIGHT LAW PLLC4:17-bk-11026
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDONA J WALLSPRO SE4:17-bk-11033
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationVICKI L GRAHAMLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLE4:17-bk-11034
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDANIEL D HENDRIX; TANNYA J TIMMJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-11036
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKENNETH CARRASQUILLO; WENDY W CARRASQUILLOTHE MOAK LAW FIRM4:17-bk-11040
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationALPHONSON F MURRY; MARGARET A MURRYTHE MOAK LAW FIRM4:17-bk-11041
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPATRICIA A GONZALES; CARLOS T GONZALES SRUPRIGHT LAW4:17-bk-11048
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCARLOS R KIEFERGOODMAN LAW PRACTICE PLC4:17-bk-11053
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationELIZABETH ARNESON; MARK ARNESONERIC SLOCUM SPARKS PC4:17-bk-11054
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKIRSTEN KNOXPRO SE4:17-bk-11057
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDAVEY L THORNEBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-11063
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGLENN A TIREYBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-11064
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJODY A SCOTTPRO SE4:17-bk-11067
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRANCISCO J THOMPSONLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PL4:17-bk-11071
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANGEL A PAEZLAW OFFICES OF THOMPSON AND MCGINNIS4:17-bk-11084
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCLIFFORD C FIELDS JR; MELANIE D COLLUMATCHLEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11086
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDEBRA K MARTINYLERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-11111
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFERNANDO G BAUTISTA; ILDA GARCIALAW OFFICE OF ERICA SANCHEZ4:17-bk-11116
9/20/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANDREW P BACACALEB N BROWN PLLC4:17-bk-11117
9/21/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPAULA J FLEMING-ZIDEL; MARK ZIDELDOUG NEWBORN LAW FIRM PLLC4:17-bk-11130
9/21/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDANIELLE N GALLEGOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11151
9/21/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKARIN M OLSONLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11162
9/21/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRANDY L WHITELAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11164
9/21/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBARRON R ELLISONPRO SE4:17-bk-11169
9/21/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJEFF L LEVINE; DENISE LEVINELAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-11171
9/21/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSCOTT WRIGHTCATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-11178
9/21/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSEPH H PIERSON; ANIDA M PIERSONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11183
9/21/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTHOMAS M KENNELLYMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11187
9/21/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTERRANCE L DILLONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11188
9/21/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationHIPOLITO A SANCHEZ JRMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11189
9/21/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationOLIVIA V CONTRERASLAW OFFICE OF ALEXANDER D SANCHEZ4:17-bk-11191
9/21/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJUANITA RASCONCAMPBELL AND COOMBS4:17-bk-11121
9/21/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJESSICA J TADEO; DERRICK A TADEOPRO SE4:17-bk-11123
9/21/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJACQUELINE M ROOTPRO SE4:17-bk-11137
9/21/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationANNA M MARTINEZASHETON B CALL4:17-bk-11156
9/21/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMARC E OUELLETTENEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11161
9/21/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTHOMAS GILMOREPRO SE4:17-bk-11163
9/21/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSTEPHEN M LOWDENMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11182
9/22/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLATE LAWSON-KPEKUILATE LAWSON-KPEKUI4:17-bk-11196
9/22/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJANELLE L HALLMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC.4:17-bk-11200
9/22/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationALMA L GUILLENPRO SE.4:17-bk-11206
9/22/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGREGORY A ABBOTT; CAROL L ABBOTTTHE ARIZONA LAW FIRM OF TREZZA AND ASSOC.4:17-bk-11213
9/22/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOAN R QUINTEROTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC.4:17-bk-11216
9/22/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARIA L SCHULZPRO SE.4:17-bk-11217
9/22/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLUIS C CORREAPRO SE.4:17-bk-11226
9/22/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKRISTINA R CRAIGTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC.4:17-bk-11229
9/22/2017Chapter 11 Business ReorganizationTUCSON ONE LLCNEFF AND BOYER PC.4:17-bk-11219
9/22/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOHN E YSTROM; DAPHNE D YSTROMTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC.4:17-bk-11204
9/22/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRICHARD G COLEMANPRO SE4:17-bk-11223
9/25/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANTONIA A CARRANZAPRO SE4:17-bk-11269
9/25/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRED W RISHER; MARIE J RISHER
9/25/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRAYMOND E WASTLER; SANDRA M WASTLERLAW OFFICES OF HARRIETTE P LEVITT4:17-bk-11289
9/25/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRAMON CRUZMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC.4:17-bk-11277
9/25/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationALBERT P DIIESO SR; LENA T DIIESOMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC. 4:17-bk-11279
9/26/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRUBEN I DURAZO; GLORIA E DURAZOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11308
9/26/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNIKOL D FIELDSLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11309
9/26/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKENNETH J DUFFY; JERI D DUFFYLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11320
9/26/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSHERRY ALLENNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11321
9/26/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTIFFANY JONES-NIXPRO SE4:17-bk-11323
9/26/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOANNA L PARKERTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-11332
9/26/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBLEY HENINGERCATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-11336
9/26/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDAWN M FIROVEDOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-11338
9/26/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKELLY N ASHLEYLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11347
9/26/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationELIZABETH J GOULDMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11351
9/26/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJORDAN J RILEYMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11352
9/26/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationERIK D ROMERO; ERICA N ROMEROMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11353
9/26/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRANCISCO JUAREZ; MARGARITA JUAREZOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-11356
9/26/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDAVID E STEFANOVICHDANIEL J RYLANDER PC4:17-bk-11318
9/26/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOHN LARA; NANCY J LARAMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11354
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationERIKA D QUEENLAW OFFICE OF ALEXANDER D SANCHEZ4:17-bk-11359
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationAARON M WOODHAMLAW OFFICE OF ALEXANDER D SANCHEZ4:17-bk-11361
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationOSCAR A DANIEL JR; SIOBHAN J DANIELLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC.4:17-bk-11363
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSE C P FORLESEDOUG NEWBORN LAW FIRM PLLC.4:17-bk-11366
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNORMA J FLINNJAMES J GENTILE PC.4:17-bk-11368
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationVICTOR F NOVAK; ELIZABETH A NOVAKJAMES J GENTILE PC.4:17-bk-11370
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationREINA S SOLTEROTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC.4:17-bk-11384
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJAMES A KLEMINOSWALT LAW GROUP PC.4:17-bk-11392
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL DELACRUZPRO SE.4:17-bk-11406
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationWILEY J WHITE JRWRIGHT LAW OFFICES4:17-bk-11413
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARCO A ARMENTA; KARLA M ARMENTALAW OFFICE OF KATHRYN L JOHNSON4:17-bk-11439
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationWENDY A EARVENFITZGIBBONS LAW OFFICES PLC.4:17-bk-11441
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGILBERT BRACAMONTE; ROSITA M BRACAMONTELAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-11444
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARTIN A OROZCOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC.4:17-bk-11446
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJEFFERY M ALBANOLAW OFFICE OF SCOTT REDMON4:17-bk-11458
9/27/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKARL L HENAGER; CLAUDINE B HENAGERMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC.4:17-bk-11459
9/27/2017Chapter 11 Business ReorganizationPLACITA OCTUBRE LLCKASEY C NYE PLLC.4:17-bk-11410
9/27/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRAFAEL LARA JRMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC.4:17-bk-11388
9/27/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRICHARD N RADAERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-11390
9/27/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDELORES R DIAZASHETON B CALL4:17-bk-11401
9/27/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJULIO C ROBESONLAW OFFICE OF KATHRYN L JOHNSON4:17-bk-11414
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationAARON W ELLSWORTH; CASSIE D ELLSWORTHMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC4:17-bk-11460
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJACOB T HAWKINSJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-11466
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKENNETH G WOOLPERT; ARIEL WOOLPERTTHE MOAK LAW FIRM4:17-bk-11471
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRACHAEL M WALTERSPRO SE4:17-bk-11472
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANA S GUERREROPASQUA YAQUI LEGAL SERVICES4:17-bk-11481
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBRIAN C BERGGOETZLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11485
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDAVID N MOORELAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11489
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLILLIAN T GODOYLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11493
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSE L MENA; TARA M MENAMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-11509
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCARLOS J RICHARDSON; JENNY L RICHARDSONMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-11511
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMIGUEL A AYON; MONICA M AYONMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-11512
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKARLA E LOPEZLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11519
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNAOMI M SHARKEYBROWN AND ASSOC PLLC4:17-bk-11524
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDANIEL C ECKSTINELAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11528
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL G WILLIAMS; PATRICIA A WILLIAMSERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-11530
9/28/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBERT J PAUL; TERRIE L WILDERLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11541
9/28/2017Chapter 11 Business ReorganizationJOSEPH P LONGO; MONIQUE C LONGOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11465
9/28/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationKENNETH L WHETSTONEDAVIS MILES MCGUIRE GARDNER4:17-bk-11468
9/28/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationROBERT B MCFARLAND; ALISON L MCFARLANDMCDONALD LAW OFFICE PLLC4:17-bk-11501
9/28/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCARLOS GONZALEZ; LISA GONZALEZPRO SE4:17-bk-11513
9/28/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDONALD E MESSIERERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-11523
9/28/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationHARRIETTE C KIRCHHOFFERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-11536
9/29/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBRETT R JOHNSONOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-11553
9/29/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJANE A EMERSONPRO SE4:17-bk-11554
9/29/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOHN A BUELNA; FAITH BUELNAPRO SE4:17-bk-11560
9/29/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNEFRETIRI HAGLERPRO SE4:17-bk-11563
9/29/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSARAH M GONZALESLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11578
9/29/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationREYNALDO A CASTRO; MARIA R CASTROPRO SE4:17-bk-11580
9/29/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOHN E GARDNERFITZGIBBONS LAW OFFICES PLC4:17-bk-11581
9/29/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGLORIA V URQUIJOVINCE RABAGO LAW OFFICE4:17-bk-11595
9/29/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationBARBARA J THOMPSONLAW OFFICE OF ERIC E BUTTON4:17-bk-11556
9/29/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCHARLES T SHADDICK; CHERYL A WIXOMUPRIGHT LAW PLLC4:17-bk-11567
9/29/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJEREMIAH A GRAVES; HOLLY M GRAVESLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11573
9/29/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCARYN D CARAMELLA; CHARLES O CARAMELLAERIC SLOCUM SPARKS PC4:17-bk-11582
10/3/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHELLE C LOCKETTLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11664
10/3/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTONI C MARTINEZASHETON B CALL4:17-bk-11670
10/3/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBARBARA B PENASOUTHERN ARIZONA LEGAL AID INC4:17-bk-11672
10/3/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCINDA L SEIPELPRO SE4:17-bk-11673
10/3/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationWILLIS N BEGAYLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11675
10/3/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationEDUARDO COLON; JACQUELINE COLONLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11685
10/3/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSHANE C COOKPRO SE4:17-bk-11687
10/3/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBEVERLY J GREENLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11700
10/3/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJUAN A G MAYTORENA; ELIA L GARCIANEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11712
10/3/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBERT C LOCKWOOD; CHER M LOCKWOODLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11713
10/3/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBRIAN D PETROSMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11726
10/3/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGREGORY L WIKSTROM; MARIA I MOTTERNMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11727
10/3/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSARAH B YEATERMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11678
10/3/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMATTHEW E STAPLES; NICHOLLE R STAPLESLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11684
10/3/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJEAN R PETREQUIN; DENA J PETREQUINTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-11706
10/3/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationLEONARDO S MORALES; DANA Y MORALESDANIEL J RYLANDER PC4:17-bk-11710
10/3/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMICHAEL E HAMILTON; ALIESHA J HAMILTONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11722
10/3/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCAROL J WALLERMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11723
10/3/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTAMMY A SIMPSONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11724
10/3/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationFRANCISCO CARRASCO III; CRISTINA D FROMANMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11725
10/4/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDONALD DARRAS; JASSY DARRASTHE MOAK LAW FIRM4:17-bk-11732
10/4/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCOLLEEN A FITZPATRICKDODGE AND VEGA PLC4:17-bk-11747
10/4/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNICHOLAS J LATINO III; KAYE L LATINOUPRIGHT LAW4:17-bk-11752
10/4/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKURT AMUNDSENBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-11759
10/4/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMANUEL R TREVIZO JR; BRIANNA A TREVIZOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11766
10/4/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTHOMAS L SIZEMORE; KIMBERLY R SIZEMOREMACLEOD PETERSON PLLC4:17-bk-11778
10/4/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHAD W WEIRICK; XIAONIAN ZHUPRO SE4:17-bk-11782
10/4/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNORMA C DOWLEROSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-11783
10/4/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPATRICIA M ROBINSONLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11785
10/4/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSTANLEY W COULTHARDWATERFALL ECONOMIDIS CALDWELL ET AL4:17-bk-11804
10/4/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBILLY D CLIFFORDNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11805
10/4/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGAIL L BOJORQUEZLAW OFFICE OF CHERYL K COPPERSTONE4:17-bk-11810
10/4/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSCOTT A HAGE; ELIZABETH T HAGELAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-11788
10/4/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationAMANDA N LUJANERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-11793
10/4/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationISMAEL O VALLE; MARIE I B V OROZCOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11811
10/5/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTYLER L WRIGHT; MELISSA R WRIGHTCAMPBELL AND COOMBS PC4:17-bk-11824
10/5/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANASTASIA M TREVINOPASCUA YAQUI LEGAL SERVICES4:17-bk-11826
10/5/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARQUIS HARRISLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11830
10/5/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOLEE L DOWNEYLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11832
10/5/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANNA M CONDEJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-11844
10/5/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARGARET A ARVIZUNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11854
10/5/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKAREN J ESPARZALAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11857
10/5/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARCUS A SINGLETONTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-11863
10/5/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJULEE D MCCREATHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-11865
10/5/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLUIS F GONZALEZMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11866
10/5/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDONNA M CLOUSENEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11871
10/5/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPATRICK D SNOWCATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-11877
10/5/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDARRELL G FULTON; KEVIN M BOUCHARDLAW OFFICE OF CHERYL K COPPERSTONE4:17-bk-11858
10/5/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationEDWARD S BURLESON; CAMELIA G BURLESONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11867
10/5/2017Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJEFFERY A SCOTT; JEANETTE SCOTTLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-11884
10/9/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationREGENIA J SIEBENOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-11941
10/9/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationAMEER TILLMAN; JUANITA TILLMANTHE HARTLEY LAW CENTER PLLC4:17-bk-11951
10/9/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARIA E REYNALERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-11953
10/9/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOHN A BAUM; MELISSA A BAUMTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-11965
10/9/2017Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHRISTINE M NIXONYUSUFOV LAW FIRM PLLC4:17-bk-11957

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