September 12, 2017 to Present
Prior Bankruptcies
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2017-09-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANNABELLE YAZZIE; EMMANUEL GAMEZNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-10697
2017-09-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJAMES STOKESPRO SE4:17-bk-10700
2017-09-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKYLE E MARTINRIGGS ELLSWORTH AND PORTER PLC4:17-bk-10717
2017-09-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGLENDA A GRIJALVAJUDGE LAW FIRM4:17-bk-10736
2017-09-12Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDANIEL M UROFFLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-10691
2017-09-12Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRENEE A RUBENMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-10709
2017-09-12Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationALBERT G ANAYA JRERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-10723
2017-09-12Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRODNEY W PIEREN; NORMA L PIERENLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-10739
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRICHARD B WRIGHT; DONNA J WRIGHTLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-10964
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL R GASKER; ANN M GASKERLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-10965
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJUAN J ROMAN; GLORIA A ROMANUPRIGHT LAW4:17-bk-10971
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationALICIA D SERENCSA-MITCHELLBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-10973
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRED J LIKENLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-10981
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJUDY R MASTERS-EWENMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC4:17-bk-10987
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJUAN URQUIJO; CARLA URQUIJOERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-10989
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGREGORY R PATTERSONTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-10991
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSEONAID A BARNGROVERLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-10992
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPATRICIA M ARMENDAREZUPRIGHT LAW4:17-bk-10994
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRICARDO D GONZALESTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-11001
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJON L CALLAHAN; LUPITA P CALLAHANRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-11006
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDECARLO H BROWN; GRACE L BROWNLAW OFFICE OF RAYMOND J STEELE4:17-bk-11010
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationEARL MINCERCARR LAW PC4:17-bk-11019
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOHN D TRENTONATCHLEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11021
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL A CAPONO; AMANDA A CAPONOMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11024
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCARLOS M JIMENEZ; BRISA B JIMENEZOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-11027
2017-09-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationIRIS L DUNAVANTLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-11029
2017-09-19Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOSE A DELEONMCDONALD LAW OFFICE PLLC4:17-bk-10966
2017-09-19Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationERIN M WOLFFMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC4:17-bk-10977
2017-09-19Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationKATHLEEN ADAMSCATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-10988
2017-09-19Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRACHEL D GARZAOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-10990
2017-09-19Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationOCTAVIA L ROLLINS-MEZAMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC4:17-bk-11005
2017-09-19Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDONNA L CASTILLOLAW OFFICE OF CHERYL K COPPERSTONE4:17-bk-11018
2017-09-19Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSTEPHEN M FINDLEY; EILEEN R FINDLEYMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11025
2017-09-19Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTHEODORE A WILLIAMS; DEEANNA R WILLIAMSUPRIGHT LAW PLLC4:17-bk-11026
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDONA J WALLSPRO SE4:17-bk-11033
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationVICKI L GRAHAMLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLE4:17-bk-11034
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDANIEL D HENDRIX; TANNYA J TIMMJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-11036
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKENNETH CARRASQUILLO; WENDY W CARRASQUILLOTHE MOAK LAW FIRM4:17-bk-11040
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationALPHONSON F MURRY; MARGARET A MURRYTHE MOAK LAW FIRM4:17-bk-11041
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPATRICIA A GONZALES; CARLOS T GONZALES SRUPRIGHT LAW4:17-bk-11048
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCARLOS R KIEFERGOODMAN LAW PRACTICE PLC4:17-bk-11053
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationELIZABETH ARNESON; MARK ARNESONERIC SLOCUM SPARKS PC4:17-bk-11054
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKIRSTEN KNOXPRO SE4:17-bk-11057
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDAVEY L THORNEBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-11063
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGLENN A TIREYBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-11064
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJODY A SCOTTPRO SE4:17-bk-11067
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRANCISCO J THOMPSONLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PL4:17-bk-11071
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANGEL A PAEZLAW OFFICES OF THOMPSON AND MCGINNIS4:17-bk-11084
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCLIFFORD C FIELDS JR; MELANIE D COLLUMATCHLEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11086
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDEBRA K MARTINYLERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-11111
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFERNANDO G BAUTISTA; ILDA GARCIALAW OFFICE OF ERICA SANCHEZ4:17-bk-11116
2017-09-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANDREW P BACACALEB N BROWN PLLC4:17-bk-11117
2017-09-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPAULA J FLEMING-ZIDEL; MARK ZIDELDOUG NEWBORN LAW FIRM PLLC4:17-bk-11130
2017-09-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDANIELLE N GALLEGOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11151
2017-09-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKARIN M OLSONLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11162
2017-09-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRANDY L WHITELAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11164
2017-09-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBARRON R ELLISONPRO SE4:17-bk-11169
2017-09-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJEFF L LEVINE; DENISE LEVINELAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-11171
2017-09-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSCOTT WRIGHTCATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-11178
2017-09-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSEPH H PIERSON; ANIDA M PIERSONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11183
2017-09-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTHOMAS M KENNELLYMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11187
2017-09-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTERRANCE L DILLONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11188
2017-09-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationHIPOLITO A SANCHEZ JRMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11189
2017-09-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationOLIVIA V CONTRERASLAW OFFICE OF ALEXANDER D SANCHEZ4:17-bk-11191
2017-09-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJUANITA RASCONCAMPBELL AND COOMBS4:17-bk-11121
2017-09-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJESSICA J TADEO; DERRICK A TADEOPRO SE4:17-bk-11123
2017-09-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJACQUELINE M ROOTPRO SE4:17-bk-11137
2017-09-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationANNA M MARTINEZASHETON B CALL4:17-bk-11156
2017-09-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMARC E OUELLETTENEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11161
2017-09-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTHOMAS GILMOREPRO SE4:17-bk-11163
2017-09-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSTEPHEN M LOWDENMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11182
2017-09-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLATE LAWSON-KPEKUILATE LAWSON-KPEKUI4:17-bk-11196
2017-09-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJANELLE L HALLMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC.4:17-bk-11200
2017-09-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationALMA L GUILLENPRO SE.4:17-bk-11206
2017-09-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGREGORY A ABBOTT; CAROL L ABBOTTTHE ARIZONA LAW FIRM OF TREZZA AND ASSOC.4:17-bk-11213
2017-09-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOAN R QUINTEROTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC.4:17-bk-11216
2017-09-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARIA L SCHULZPRO SE.4:17-bk-11217
2017-09-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLUIS C CORREAPRO SE.4:17-bk-11226
2017-09-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKRISTINA R CRAIGTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC.4:17-bk-11229
2017-09-22Chapter 11 Business ReorganizationTUCSON ONE LLCNEFF AND BOYER PC.4:17-bk-11219
2017-09-22Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOHN E YSTROM; DAPHNE D YSTROMTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC.4:17-bk-11204
2017-09-22Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRICHARD G COLEMANPRO SE4:17-bk-11223
2017-09-22Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationISRAEL C VELASQUEZ JR; ALEJANDRA V VELASQUEZLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC.4:17-bk-11232
2017-09-25Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANTONIA A CARRANZAPRO SE4:17-bk-11269
2017-09-25Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRED W RISHER; MARIE J RISHERLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR.4:17-bk-11275
2017-09-25Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRAYMOND E WASTLER; SANDRA M WASTLERLAW OFFICES OF HARRIETTE P LEVITT4:17-bk-11289
2017-09-25Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRAMON CRUZMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC.4:17-bk-11277
2017-09-25Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationALBERT P DIIESO SR; LENA T DIIESOMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC. 4:17-bk-11279
2017-09-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRUBEN I DURAZO; GLORIA E DURAZOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11308
2017-09-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNIKOL D FIELDSLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11309
2017-09-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKENNETH J DUFFY; JERI D DUFFYLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11320
2017-09-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSHERRY ALLENNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11321
2017-09-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTIFFANY JONES-NIXPRO SE4:17-bk-11323
2017-09-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOANNA L PARKERTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-11332
2017-09-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBLEY HENINGERCATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-11336
2017-09-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDAWN M FIROVEDOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-11338
2017-09-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKELLY N ASHLEYLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11347
2017-09-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationELIZABETH J GOULDMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11351
2017-09-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJORDAN J RILEYMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11352
2017-09-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationERIK D ROMERO; ERICA N ROMEROMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11353
2017-09-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRANCISCO JUAREZ; MARGARITA JUAREZOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-11356
2017-09-26Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDAVID E STEFANOVICHDANIEL J RYLANDER PC4:17-bk-11318
2017-09-26Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOHN LARA; NANCY J LARAMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11354
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationERIKA D QUEENLAW OFFICE OF ALEXANDER D SANCHEZ4:17-bk-11359
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationAARON M WOODHAMLAW OFFICE OF ALEXANDER D SANCHEZ4:17-bk-11361
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationOSCAR A DANIEL JR; SIOBHAN J DANIELLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC.4:17-bk-11363
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSE C P FORLESEDOUG NEWBORN LAW FIRM PLLC.4:17-bk-11366
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNORMA J FLINNJAMES J GENTILE PC.4:17-bk-11368
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationVICTOR F NOVAK; ELIZABETH A NOVAKJAMES J GENTILE PC.4:17-bk-11370
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationREINA S SOLTEROTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC.4:17-bk-11384
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJAMES A KLEMINOSWALT LAW GROUP PC.4:17-bk-11392
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL DELACRUZPRO SE.4:17-bk-11406
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationWILEY J WHITE JRWRIGHT LAW OFFICES4:17-bk-11413
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARCO A ARMENTA; KARLA M ARMENTALAW OFFICE OF KATHRYN L JOHNSON4:17-bk-11439
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationWENDY A EARVENFITZGIBBONS LAW OFFICES PLC.4:17-bk-11441
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGILBERT BRACAMONTE; ROSITA M BRACAMONTELAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-11444
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARTIN A OROZCOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC.4:17-bk-11446
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJEFFERY M ALBANOLAW OFFICE OF SCOTT REDMON4:17-bk-11458
2017-09-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKARL L HENAGER; CLAUDINE B HENAGERMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC.4:17-bk-11459
2017-09-27Chapter 11 Business ReorganizationPLACITA OCTUBRE LLCKASEY C NYE PLLC.4:17-bk-11410
2017-09-27Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRAFAEL LARA JRMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC.4:17-bk-11388
2017-09-27Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRICHARD N RADAERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-11390
2017-09-27Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDELORES R DIAZASHETON B CALL4:17-bk-11401
2017-09-27Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationEDWARD K CLEMENTS; SHERRIE A CLEMENTSTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC.4:17-bk-11404
2017-09-27Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJULIO C ROBESONLAW OFFICE OF KATHRYN L JOHNSON4:17-bk-11414
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationAARON W ELLSWORTH; CASSIE D ELLSWORTHMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC4:17-bk-11460
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJACOB T HAWKINSJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-11466
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKENNETH G WOOLPERT; ARIEL WOOLPERTTHE MOAK LAW FIRM4:17-bk-11471
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRACHAEL M WALTERSPRO SE4:17-bk-11472
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANA S GUERREROPASQUA YAQUI LEGAL SERVICES4:17-bk-11481
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBRIAN C BERGGOETZLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11485
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDAVID N MOORELAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11489
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLILLIAN T GODOYLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11493
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSE L MENA; TARA M MENAMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-11509
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCARLOS J RICHARDSON; JENNY L RICHARDSONMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-11511
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMIGUEL A AYON; MONICA M AYONMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-11512
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKARLA E LOPEZLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11519
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNAOMI M SHARKEYBROWN AND ASSOC PLLC4:17-bk-11524
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDANIEL C ECKSTINELAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11528
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL G WILLIAMS; PATRICIA A WILLIAMSERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-11530
2017-09-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBERT J PAUL; TERRIE L WILDERLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11541
2017-09-28Chapter 11 Business ReorganizationJOSEPH P LONGO; MONIQUE C LONGOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11465
2017-09-28Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationKENNETH L WHETSTONEDAVIS MILES MCGUIRE GARDNER4:17-bk-11468
2017-09-28Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationROBERT B MCFARLAND; ALISON L MCFARLANDMCDONALD LAW OFFICE PLLC4:17-bk-11501
2017-09-28Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCARLOS GONZALEZ; LISA GONZALEZPRO SE4:17-bk-11513
2017-09-28Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDONALD E MESSIERERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-11523
2017-09-28Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationHARRIETTE C KIRCHHOFFERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-11536
2017-09-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBRETT R JOHNSONOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-11553
2017-09-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJANE A EMERSONPRO SE4:17-bk-11554
2017-09-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOHN A BUELNA; FAITH BUELNAPRO SE4:17-bk-11560
2017-09-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNEFRETIRI HAGLERPRO SE4:17-bk-11563
2017-09-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSARAH M GONZALESLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11578
2017-09-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationREYNALDO A CASTRO; MARIA R CASTROPRO SE4:17-bk-11580
2017-09-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOHN E GARDNERFITZGIBBONS LAW OFFICES PLC4:17-bk-11581
2017-09-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGLORIA V URQUIJOVINCE RABAGO LAW OFFICE4:17-bk-11595
2017-09-29Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationBARBARA J THOMPSONLAW OFFICE OF ERIC E BUTTON4:17-bk-11556
2017-09-29Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCHARLES T SHADDICK; CHERYL A WIXOMUPRIGHT LAW PLLC4:17-bk-11567
2017-09-29Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJEREMIAH A GRAVES; HOLLY M GRAVESLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11573
2017-09-29Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCARYN D CARAMELLA; CHARLES O CARAMELLAERIC SLOCUM SPARKS PC4:17-bk-11582
2017-10-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHELLE C LOCKETTLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11664
2017-10-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTONI C MARTINEZASHETON B CALL4:17-bk-11670
2017-10-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBARBARA B PENASOUTHERN ARIZONA LEGAL AID INC4:17-bk-11672
2017-10-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCINDA L SEIPELPRO SE4:17-bk-11673
2017-10-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationWILLIS N BEGAYLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11675
2017-10-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationEDUARDO COLON; JACQUELINE COLONLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11685
2017-10-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSHANE C COOKPRO SE4:17-bk-11687
2017-10-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBEVERLY J GREENLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11700
2017-10-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJUAN A G MAYTORENA; ELIA L GARCIANEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11712
2017-10-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBERT C LOCKWOOD; CHER M LOCKWOODLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11713
2017-10-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBRIAN D PETROSMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11726
2017-10-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGREGORY L WIKSTROM; MARIA I MOTTERNMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11727
2017-10-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSARAH B YEATERMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11678
2017-10-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMATTHEW E STAPLES; NICHOLLE R STAPLESLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11684
2017-10-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJEAN R PETREQUIN; DENA J PETREQUINTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-11706
2017-10-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationLEONARDO S MORALES; DANA Y MORALESDANIEL J RYLANDER PC4:17-bk-11710
2017-10-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMICHAEL E HAMILTON; ALIESHA J HAMILTONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11722
2017-10-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCAROL J WALLERMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11723
2017-10-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTAMMY A SIMPSONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11724
2017-10-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationFRANCISCO CARRASCO III; CRISTINA D FROMANMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11725
2017-10-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDONALD DARRAS; JASSY DARRASTHE MOAK LAW FIRM4:17-bk-11732
2017-10-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCOLLEEN A FITZPATRICKDODGE AND VEGA PLC4:17-bk-11747
2017-10-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNICHOLAS J LATINO III; KAYE L LATINOUPRIGHT LAW4:17-bk-11752
2017-10-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKURT AMUNDSENBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-11759
2017-10-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMANUEL R TREVIZO JR; BRIANNA A TREVIZOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11766
2017-10-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTHOMAS L SIZEMORE; KIMBERLY R SIZEMOREMACLEOD PETERSON PLLC4:17-bk-11778
2017-10-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHAD W WEIRICK; XIAONIAN ZHUPRO SE4:17-bk-11782
2017-10-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNORMA C DOWLEROSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-11783
2017-10-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPATRICIA M ROBINSONLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11785
2017-10-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSTANLEY W COULTHARDWATERFALL ECONOMIDIS CALDWELL ET AL4:17-bk-11804
2017-10-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBILLY D CLIFFORDNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11805
2017-10-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGAIL L BOJORQUEZLAW OFFICE OF CHERYL K COPPERSTONE4:17-bk-11810
2017-10-04Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSCOTT A HAGE; ELIZABETH T HAGELAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-11788
2017-10-04Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationAMANDA N LUJANERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-11793
2017-10-04Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationISMAEL O VALLE; MARIE I B V OROZCOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11811
2017-10-05Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTYLER L WRIGHT; MELISSA R WRIGHTCAMPBELL AND COOMBS PC4:17-bk-11824
2017-10-05Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANASTASIA M TREVINOPASCUA YAQUI LEGAL SERVICES4:17-bk-11826
2017-10-05Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARQUIS HARRISLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11830
2017-10-05Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOLEE L DOWNEYLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11832
2017-10-05Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANNA M CONDEJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-11844
2017-10-05Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARGARET A ARVIZUNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11854
2017-10-05Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKAREN J ESPARZALAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11857
2017-10-05Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARCUS A SINGLETONTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-11863
2017-10-05Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJULEE D MCCREATHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-11865
2017-10-05Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLUIS F GONZALEZMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11866
2017-10-05Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDONNA M CLOUSENEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-11871
2017-10-05Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPATRICK D SNOWCATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-11877
2017-10-05Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDARRELL G FULTON; KEVIN M BOUCHARDLAW OFFICE OF CHERYL K COPPERSTONE4:17-bk-11858
2017-10-05Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationEDWARD S BURLESON; CAMELIA G BURLESONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-11867
2017-10-05Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJEFFERY A SCOTT; JEANETTE SCOTTLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-11884
2017-10-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationREGENIA J SIEBENOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-11941
2017-10-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationAMEER TILLMAN; JUANITA TILLMANTHE HARTLEY LAW CENTER PLLC4:17-bk-11951
2017-10-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARIA E REYNALERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-11953
2017-10-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOHN A BAUM; MELISSA A BAUMTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-11965
2017-10-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHRISTINE M NIXONYUSUFOV LAW FIRM PLLC4:17-bk-11957
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationAMANDA L LEONARDLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11970
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTEXAS J LEWIS; ALICE M LEWISLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-11982
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARY A KUZNICKIDANIEL J RYLANDER PC4:17-bk-11992
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLAUREL H CRYARUPRIGHT LAW4:17-bk-11994
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMATTHEW J WICKAMTHE MOAK LAW FIRM4:17-bk-11995
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBERTHA MARQUEZJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-11996
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCRISTINA I AVITIAPRO SE4:17-bk-11997
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationHOLLY K GARCIAPRO SE4:17-bk-12010
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRANJAWAR DECRAIGPRO SE4:17-bk-12016
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKRISTIN E CORBRIDGEPRO SE4:17-bk-12020
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLUIS M MARTINEZPRO SE4:17-bk-12022
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANGELICA B CUSTERLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12025
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBIN R FLOODPRO SE4:17-bk-12026
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLINDA P ROBLESOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-12028
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLYLA R OFFIELDLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-12033
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRICHARD D SCHEIERMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12035
2017-10-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLEYVETTE Y NUGUIDMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12036
2017-10-10Chapter 11 Business ReorganizationG6 LTD PARTNERSHIPDANIEL J RYLANDER PC4:17-bk-12003
2017-10-10Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationVIRGINIA C CUNNINGHAMYUSUFOV LAW FIRM PLLC4:17-bk-11976
2017-10-10Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationGERALD S SWANSON; LYNDA D SWANSONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12034
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJUAN A ESTRADA JROSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-12046
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJAMES L CORNWELL; WENDY M CORNWELLLARSON LAW OFFICE PLLC4:17-bk-12049
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJAMES P WISNIEWSKIJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-12050
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKEVIN A MILES; SARAH A MILESJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-12052
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTIFFANY D LOPEZJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-12056
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCERBI L RISSBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-12057
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMEICHELE D JUVE; JEFFERY S JUVEUPRIGHT LAW4:17-bk-12060
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHESSLEY CAVITT; MEGAN CAVITTADAM C RIETH PLLC4:17-bk-12061
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDAWN M HEITHAUSPRO SE4:17-bk-12066
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKEVIN A WINBORN; CHRISTA L WINBORNUPRIGHT LAW4:17-bk-12078
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCRYSTAL L BUGBEETHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-12079
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJESUS D RUIZMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC4:17-bk-12081
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJAMES C HERRINMEYER LAW PC4:17-bk-12100
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCASSANDRA C MORELOCKPRO SE4:17-bk-12105
2017-10-11Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSTEPHENEE HADDADCATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-12115
2017-10-11Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationALLEN ROMEROPRO SE4:17-bk-12054
2017-10-11Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOSE J AGUIRRE; MARIA E AGUIRRETHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-12077
2017-10-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSAJID BASHEER; LUBNA S BASHEERLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12199
2017-10-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSTEVEN W ALLREDPRO SE4:17-bk-12137
2017-10-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTHOMAS E KINGLERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-12141
2017-10-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARY V RIOSBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-12147
2017-10-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHRISTINE C SMITHERIC SLOCUM SPARKS PC4:17-bk-12150
2017-10-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKELLY K WEBBBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-12151
2017-10-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMONICA M LOPEZPRO SE4:17-bk-12169
2017-10-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationEDWARD ABRAMOWITZALLEN LAW FIRM4:17-bk-12170
2017-10-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARCO A QUINONEZ; NORMA A QUINONEZLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12172
2017-10-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANTHONY C CAPLA; CRYSTAL L CAPLAOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-12182
2017-10-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARISSA L TEBBELERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-12184
2017-10-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGREGORY E BUCKNER; SHEILA M BUCKNEROSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-12185
2017-10-12Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBERT L CARGILEMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC4:17-bk-12190
2017-10-12Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationPATRICIA L LONG-SPENCERLAW OFFICE OF CHERYL K COPPERSTONE4:17-bk-12157
2017-10-12Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationAUSTIN W FRANKLIN IIITHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-12175
2017-10-12Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCATHERINE A SMITHMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12179
2017-10-12Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRICHARD F SCHAFFERMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12181
2017-10-12Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDOUGLAS K SEMINGSON; RITA M SEMINGSONBILL PONATH LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12189
2017-10-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSHANNON M MARTINOPRO SE.4:17-bk-12194
2017-10-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJEFFERY W SMITH; LAURI E SMITHPRO SE.4:17-bk-12200
2017-10-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANDREA F GARCIAPRO SE.4:17-bk-12201
2017-10-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHRISTOPHER J LAMB JR; TAZSHMA L LAMBPRO SE.4:17-bk-12203
2017-10-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBEULAH V WILSONPRO SE.4:17-bk-12204
2017-10-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRACHAEL K ROACHPRO SE.4:17-bk-12207
2017-10-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJEANNE M RITENOURALLEN L FIRM4:17-bk-12208
2017-10-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBETTY L TODD; VERNON J TODDPRO SE.4:17-bk-12212
2017-10-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSUSAN S MENDOZALERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-12223
2017-10-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARIO M CARRILLO; NORMA A CARRILLOLAW OFFICE OF LINDA LORY4:17-bk-12229
2017-10-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationVERONICA L MORENOARIZONA CONSUMER LAW GROUP PLC4:17-bk-12232
2017-10-13Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJEFFERY W SIMONIS; LORI E SIMONISOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-12231
2017-10-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBRYAN E MASSEY; CLAUDIA M MASSEYNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-12247
2017-10-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRANCISCO R SALCEDOPRO SE4:17-bk-12250
2017-10-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDONALD J VIETZ; SUSAN A VIETZPRO SE4:17-bk-12254
2017-10-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMANUEL L BUSTAMANTEPRO SE4:17-bk-12255
2017-10-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLYDIA A CHACONPRO SE4:17-bk-12256
2017-10-16Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTHOMAS S BRANDON; SANDRA E BRANDONCAMPBELL AND COOMBS PC4:17-bk-12261
2017-10-16Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTYLER B KINART; JANELL S OBERMEYERMORTENSE LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12268
2017-10-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL T GREENWOODJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-12272
2017-10-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJACOB R KELLEYNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-12274
2017-10-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJON D AALBERG; KATHLEEN M AALBERGLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12278
2017-10-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBRITT B BREDSTADLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12280
2017-10-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJESUS A SALAZAR; MARIA E SALAZARLAW OFFICE OF LINDA LORY4:17-bk-12282
2017-10-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDAVID A MARCELLOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-12283
2017-10-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBIN M THORNTONLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12285
2017-10-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSANDRA K STAHLLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12292
2017-10-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationERNESTO F AHUMADAMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-12297
2017-10-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARIA BUKESMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-12298
2017-10-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJAIME ACOSTA; JENNIFER ACOSTALAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12302
2017-10-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJIMMY L CARTERNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-12306
2017-10-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationAARON D BLAKEMANASHETON B CALL4:17-bk-12308
2017-10-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSUSAN M STEWARTDOUG NEWBORN LAW FIRM PLLC4:17-bk-12322
2017-10-17Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationKRISTI L HERRINGTON; LUIN E HERRINGTONBROWN AND ASSOC PLLC4:17-bk-12296
2017-10-17Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSTACEY W CARTER; MONICA L CARTERTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-12316
2017-10-18Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGREGORY S HADDEN; BRENDA L HADDENJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-12341
2017-10-18Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRANCISCO J JUAREZ-VILLEREALJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-12342
2017-10-18Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCLINT H HENSONJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-12345
2017-10-18Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANTONIO M ALTAMIRANOPRO SE4:17-bk-12347
2017-10-18Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSTEVEN J GRAVESTHE NEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-12354
2017-10-18Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationALEX FRANK FOXPRO SE4:17-bk-12358
2017-10-18Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCONSUELO R GRIMALDOTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-12363
2017-10-18Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKELLY M PABSTMEYER LAW PC4:17-bk-12374
2017-10-18Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJAIME F COTA JR; MARIAH C COTALAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-12391
2017-10-18Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJESUS A CHANEZMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12383
2017-10-18Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationISRAEL J GAMEZ; CONCEPCION VALLEDANIEL J RYLANDER PC4:17-bk-12387
2017-10-18Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationLEON V TREMMEL; SHARON R CAMPBELLLAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-12388
2017-10-18Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSTEPHEN D WARDENLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-12403
2017-10-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSAMUEL A SANORAPRO SE4:17-bk-12471
2017-10-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNLP LLCPRO SE4:17-bk-12476
2017-10-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJAMAR M STEVENSONPRO SE4:17-bk-12478
2017-10-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLANCE S ANDERSON; MONICA M ANDERSONLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-12481
2017-10-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHARLOTTE M YILEKLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-12485
2017-10-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationALFRED Q DICOCHEA SR; MARY A DICOCHEAERIC SLOCUM SPARKS PC4:17-bk-12490
2017-10-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationERIN K TAPPERASHETON B CALL4:17-bk-12499
2017-10-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGREGORY M REAL ESTATE CO INCLAW OFFICE OF SCOTT D GIBSON PLLC4:17-bk-12503
2017-10-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationAUTUAM L WOODARIANO AND ASSOC4:17-bk-12504
2017-10-20Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationELENA CORONADOPRO SE4:17-bk-12470
2017-10-20Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTIMOTHY G HARR; CHANAN L HARRLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-12474
2017-10-20Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSHARON AYALACATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-12488
2017-10-20Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationFRANCISCO M SANDOVAL; GUADALUPE SANDOVALPRO SE4:17-bk-12492
2017-10-20Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJEFFERY T COOK; TERESA L COOKWRIGHT LAW OFFICES4:17-bk-12508
2017-10-20Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationLARRY P SMITHLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-12510
2017-10-23Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSAM L CAMACHOPRO SE4:17-bk-12518
2017-10-23Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHERYL L EDMANLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12526
2017-10-23Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCRISMELDA SANCHEZPRO SE4:17-bk-12535
2017-10-23Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTRAVIS R GREENOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-12541
2017-10-23Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKARLA P GUERREROJOHNSON LAW OFFICES4:17-bk-12542
2017-10-23Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGUSTAVO GUERREROLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12544
2017-10-23Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL R GUZMANZEIGLER LAW GROUP PLC4:17-bk-12547
2017-10-23Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHRISTINE E WILSONNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-12548
2017-10-23Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSHERIDAN S LINDSAYATCHLEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-12555
2017-10-23Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationADAM R MARTINEZPRO SE4:17-bk-12532
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCATHERINE A GUTIERREZLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12569
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRUSSELL J BRATKA; TWILA A BRATKALAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12572
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDANIEL HANSENCATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-12576
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJAMIE L HAIRETHOMPSON LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-12581
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLUIS A CONTRERAS; MARIA L CONTRERASPRO SE4:17-bk-12588
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBENJAMIN M MILLEROSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-12593
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMEGAN E DALTONLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12598
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRODRICK E GLENNLOWELL A JENSEN PLC4:17-bk-12605
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMALCOLM E CULLUM; JANET L CULLUMASHETON B CALL4:17-bk-12606
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSTEVEN F COCKROFT JR; JENNIFER E COCKROFTPRO SE4:17-bk-12607
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROSALYN S BENCIVENGANEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-12615
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJILL M STRUTZENBERGLERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-12617
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDANIEL I CASTRO; BETHANY E CASTROMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12619
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationVASILE DRAGOS; ANGELA DRAGOSADAM C RIETH PLLC4:17-bk-12621
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationADAM M EDMONDS; SANDIE L EDMONDSLEONARD V SOMINSKY PC4:17-bk-12631
2017-10-24Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJAIMIE J LEON-GUERREROKASEY C NYE PLLC4:17-bk-12646
2017-10-24Chapter 11 Business ReorganizationTWO BAR O COUNTRY STORE INCLAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-12618
2017-10-24Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOHN F WILLIAMS; JOYCE A WILLIAMSTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-12611
2017-10-24Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationLE A MACHAMERMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12620
2017-10-24Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationGERARDO V URQUIJO; FATIMA G S VARELAMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12635
2017-10-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationEDNA M GAMBOALAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12747
2017-10-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRICHARD F QUESADALAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12752
2017-10-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMANUAL PADILLA; MARIA E PADILLAPRO SE4:17-bk-12769
2017-10-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPAUL M MATHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-12770
2017-10-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationWILLIAM S FEYDO JRFITZGIBBONS LAW OFFICES PLC4:17-bk-12772
2017-10-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJEFFERY K SCOTTLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12773
2017-10-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL A GIANNETTA; PAULA G GIANETTAMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12777
2017-10-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationESMERELDA VALDEZTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-12779
2017-10-26Chapter 11 Business ReorganizationCOUNTRY CLUB AT THE PARK LLCKASEY C NYE PLLC4:17-bk-12733
2017-10-26Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationAUSTIN B DASHIELL; MICHELE C DASHIELLLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12754
2017-10-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJULIE L WHITEMCDONALD LAW OFFICE PLLC4:17-bk-12791
2017-10-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRICARDO C ROSETTEPRO SE4:17-bk-12800
2017-10-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBARBARA A JONESLERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-12807
2017-10-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL R CHICO JRLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12811
2017-10-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARY A CREWDSONLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12812
2017-10-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationELIZABETH A KICKHAMRONALD RYAN PC4:17-bk-12816
2017-10-27Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJESUS M ARENAS; MARIA D C ARENASLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12790
2017-10-27Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationGABRIEL GONZALEZ; ANNA P GONZALEZYUSUFOV LAW FIRM PLLC4:17-bk-12795
2017-10-27Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRHONDA J NEWKIRKTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-12797
2017-10-27Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTEOFILA R CARRILLOMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-12798
2017-10-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTERESA D LIZARRAGAPRO SE4:17-bk-12835
2017-10-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLARRY L DOYLE JR; TRACEY J DOYLEPRO SE4:17-bk-12836
2017-10-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMIKE C TORRES; CARMEN S TORRESTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-12841
2017-10-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDENISE M BROWNLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12847
2017-10-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDONALD A NORD; DEANNA L NORDPRO SE4:17-bk-12855
2017-10-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTODD B MILLSTHE HARTLEY LAW CENTER PLLC4:17-bk-12861
2017-10-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARCIA R ESCARCEGAPRO SE4:17-bk-12862
2017-10-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationHARRY M LIGHTNER; CATHERINE M LIGHTNERBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-12863
2017-10-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationELENA B MOROYOQUIPRO SE4:17-bk-12864
2017-10-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFLOYD W JONES; GRENDA L JONESBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-12866
2017-10-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTHOMAS E DAUM; SHARON A DAUMTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-12875
2017-10-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSAMANTHA A MACKEYLAW OFFICE OF KATHRYN L JOHNSON4:17-bk-12853
2017-10-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationGEORGE W NICKOLSONERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-12870
2017-10-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRICHARD R WILLIAMSONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12872
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationERVA A LUPYPCIWNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-12891
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCONSTANCE I DRAPERNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-12899
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSHANISE L MORTONBILL PONATH LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12904
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGARY GILLIS; HEATHER HAWKPRO SE4:17-bk-12910
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationALLAN K BARTLETT; CHERYL S WINSTEN-BARTLETTMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-12913
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMANUEL J GODINEZLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12914
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRICHARD J BAGGS; KATHLEEN T BAGGSLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-12919
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJACQUILINE CALKINSPRO SE4:17-bk-12922
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRACHEL E HOUCKMEYER LAW PC4:17-bk-12927
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMYRA DOMINGUEZMEYER LAW PC4:17-bk-12928
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHARLES ROSEN; CARRIE ROSENMEYER LAW PC4:17-bk-12930
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTERESA AKECAUICHDOUG NEWBORN LAW FIRM PLLC4:17-bk-12937
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOHNNY J ALARCON; VIRGINIA ALARCONDOUG NEWBORN LAW FIRM PLLC4:17-bk-12941
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDANIEL B BEATTIE; DANIELLA M BEATTIEMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12955
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSEPH A SMITH; EMILY N SMITHLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-12964
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationWILLIAM B TITCOMBLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-12965
2017-10-31Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSEPHINE J YANEZLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-12966
2017-10-31Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationENRICO F VALENZUELAPRO SE4:17-bk-12912
2017-10-31Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDAVID J WEISSLAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-12939
2017-10-31Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJEANNE L DAVISMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-12957
2017-11-01Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJODI L WILLIAMSONJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-12974
2017-11-01Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDANIEL T SANDOVALJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-12975
2017-11-01Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDREW E CARTER; RHONDA V CARTERJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-12976
2017-11-01Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRICHARD L TOLTONALLEN LAW FIRM4:17-bk-12977
2017-11-01Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationACACIA C BATTENPRO SE4:17-bk-12979
2017-11-01Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNAYELI A ANTELOERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-12984
2017-11-01Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSTEVEN J BROADBENT; CANDICE MALLORYFARNSWORTH LAW OFFICES INC4:17-bk-1300
2017-11-01Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationALEXIS B PADILLALERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-13019
2017-11-01Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDEANNA T NUNEZDECONCINI MCDONALD YETWIN AND LACY PC4:17-bk-12983
2017-11-01Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationPHILIP J BAQUERA; ANNETTE M BAQUERAERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-12989
2017-11-01Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationROBERT RAMOS; NORMA Y RAMOSTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-12994
2017-11-01Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMICHELLE C SANDERSLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13003
2017-11-01Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMARYANN RIESGOLAW OFFICE OF CHERYL K COPPERSTONE4:17-bk-13010
2017-11-01Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOSEPH J BECKMANGERALD K SMITH AND JOHN C SMITH LAW OFFICE4:17-bk-13016
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDAVID M FRANKMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC4:17-bk-13026
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationVERONICA C MORALESUPRIGHT LAW4:17-bk-13029
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGEORGE E TORRES JR; TERESA M TORRESPRO SE4:17-bk-13030
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBARBARA Y FISHBEINDANIEL J RYLANDER PC4:17-bk-13035
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTIA D PETERSONTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13037
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTRACEY L HITEPRO SE4:17-bk-13038
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRANCISCO CARRASCO JR; HEIDI C CARRASCOTHE NEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-13039
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARIO A ESQUIVEL; SONIA V ESQUIVELLOOSE BROWN AND HOBKIRK PC4:17-bk-13043
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL S MORALESUPRIGHT LAW4:17-bk-13048
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationVICKIE L GAPATHE NEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-13049
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMILDRED E LAWRENCEBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-13053
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANTONIO O KORNEGAYLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13059
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTARA HYDECATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-13063
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARISSA D MINOCCHI-STERMERATCHLEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-13076
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRONALD M ZEPPINBROWN AND ASSOC PLLC4:17-bk-13079
2017-11-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBRIAN N ROSADOMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13092
2017-11-02Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationAPRIL A BARKLEYARIANO AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13027
2017-11-02Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationBRADLEY L NELSONPRO SE4:17-bk-13046
2017-11-02Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJAMES P JAROSZEWSKIPRO SE4:17-bk-13050
2017-11-02Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJAMES J ZIELINSKI; KELLI J ZIELINSKITHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13054
2017-11-02Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationLAURA K DVORAKOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-13068
2017-11-02Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSUSAN A GUSTAFSONPRO SE4:17-bk-13074
2017-11-02Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationKRISTA D MONTENEGRODECONCINI MCDONALD YETWIN AND LACY PC4:17-bk-13077
2017-11-02Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMICHAEL L FIERROMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13086
2017-11-02Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSTEVEN E FRAZEE; CHELSEA N NIELSENMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13088
2017-11-02Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTODD J WARDMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13089
2017-11-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLUPITA V SOTOPRO SE4:17-bk-13101
2017-11-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMANUEL J YAM SRPRO SE4:17-bk-13104
2017-11-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNIOMI J ESCALANTEPRO SE4:17-bk-13126
2017-11-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationISELA S LEONPRO SE4:17-bk-13131
2017-11-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSALJA LEDEZMATHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13135
2017-11-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSE L SANCHEZ JRTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13137
2017-11-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCHRISTOPHER B WILLIAMSONPRO SE4:17-bk-13099
2017-11-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDEREK J SCHRYER; MEGAN A L SCHRYERMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13102
2017-11-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJACQUELINE M ROOTPRO SE4:17-bk-13103
2017-11-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationALFRED W ROSE; KIMBERLEY A ROSENELLEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-13105
2017-11-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDAVID F DELDAGOPRO SE4:17-bk-13108
2017-11-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTHOMAS S MCILRATH; MARIBEL MCILRATHERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-13118
2017-11-06Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROSEANN FERRARAPRO SE4:17-bk-13162
2017-11-06Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSE M ARROYOARIANO AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13163
2017-11-06Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCRYSTAL Y RIESGOPRO SE4:17-bk-13174
2017-11-06Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJERRY D SANCHEZPRO SE4:17-bk-13181
2017-11-06Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLEVON D DICKSON; SADIKA A DICKSONWRIGHT LAW OFFICES4:17-bk-13198
2017-11-06Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFERNANDO R SANDOVAL SRSLATER AND ASSOC PC4:17-bk-13201
2017-11-06Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOHN D HURBON; SHALINI S HURBONLAW OFFICE OF KATHRYN L JOHNSON4:17-bk-13144
2017-11-06Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMARK A LEELAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13159
2017-11-06Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMICKEY A CAMPOSLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13160
2017-11-06Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJEFFERY R YAZWA; STEPHANIE A YAZWANEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-13179
2017-11-06Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJULIE D FORGACHLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13182
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBRYSON W CASEGOODMAN AND GOODMAN PLC4:17-bk-13204
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRODNEY M MILLERNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-13206
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSEPH R LAPRE; CHRISTINE M LAPREJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-13210
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJENNIFER A BLYTHELAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13213
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationWILLIAM BOUTTPRO SE4:17-bk-13215
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJUDITH A GREENLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13220
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLEONEL F ROMERO; NIDIA G ROMEROLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13222
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCLORINDA M CHAVEZKASEY C NYE PLLC4:17-bk-13230
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationEVELYN R HODGESALLEN LAW FIRM4:17-bk-13231
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARIBEL GARCIALAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13233
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDAVID ARBALLOLAW OFFICE OF LINDA LORY4:17-bk-13234
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationIAN M PATTERSONPRO SE4:17-bk-13238
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationHENRY F DIETZ; MICHELE DIETZERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-13245
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJESSICA A PRUSIAMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13255
2017-11-07Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOHN SCHENKRONALD RYAN PC4:17-bk-13260
2017-11-07Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOHN F HOLTZ; VIRGINIA L HOLTZUPRIGHT LAW PLLC4:17-bk-13216
2017-11-07Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCHRISTOPHER M SMITH; ALLISON M SMITHLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13219
2017-11-07Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationWILLIAM S WOLFPRO SE4:17-bk-13229
2017-11-07Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCRAIG R PETERMANERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-13240
2017-11-07Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationGEORGE VALDEZ JRERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-13247
2017-11-07Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCAROL A CHILLISNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-13250
2017-11-07Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRICK A HUTCHINS; MARY K HUTCHINSMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13256
2017-11-07Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationLESLIE B BAIRDMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13257
2017-11-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationHERBERT C HUNT; SADIE HUNTJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-13266
2017-11-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCRAIG L WEBBER; AMBER D WEBBERTHE MOAK LAW FIRM4:17-bk-13267
2017-11-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSEPH E SCHNIER; BARBARA J SCHNIERJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-13280
2017-11-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHARLES J GRAY; RETHA N GRAYJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-13284
2017-11-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLAWRENCE S HAUERKASEY C NYE PLLC4:17-bk-13293
2017-11-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationEVETT S ELLISOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-13299
2017-11-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSHEKINAH Y MCDANIELTHE HARTLEY LAW CENTER PLLC4:17-bk-13307
2017-11-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDESERT VALLEY STEAM CARPET CLEANING LLCPRO SE4:17-bk-13309
2017-11-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationIVAN R TERRAZASERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-13321
2017-11-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKURTIS L WINCKEL; SUSAN WINCKELLAW OFFICE OF DAVID GRIFFITH4:17-bk-13326
2017-11-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationELI B KEPSELTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13327
2017-11-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSTEVEN A GREER; ANGELINE R GREETLERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-13328
2017-11-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSHUA E LOUGEE; JADE E LOUGEEPRO SE4:17-bk-13329
2017-11-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationXZAVIER R GURULELAW OFFICES OF THOMPSON AND MCGINNIS4:17-bk-13335
2017-11-08Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJEROME K AFIPRO SE4:17-bk-13288
2017-11-08Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTHEA I BAUERPRO SE4:17-bk-13303
2017-11-08Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationFRANCISCO GONZALEZ; BRENDA GONZALEZCATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-13314
2017-11-08Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOSEPH COTARONALD RYAN PC4:17-bk-13338
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTERESA M RIVERABELLAH PEREZ PLLC4:17-bk-13349
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSHUA D MONTOYA; ASHLEY N MONTOYAJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-13352
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBERT M SIMMONSOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-13361
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARIA T BLANCOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13363
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationARIANNE D PARRAPRO SE4:17-bk-13367
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTERESA WESLEYSTART FRESH ARIZONA4:17-bk-13381
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMANUEL G GORTARIBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-13385
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOHN X UNREINLAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-13388
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationEVARISTO G MANRIQUEZLAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-13389
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL A JENSENLAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-13394
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSHAUN E YARBROUGH; MICHELLE M YARBROUGHNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-13396
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMELISSA D C O'DONNELLLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13398
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTINA A MONTAGUEMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13399
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNICOLE M MARINCELLLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13401
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDANIEL W YORKMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-13402
2017-11-09Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationADAN H M CARRENO; HEATHER M MENDOZALAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13403
2017-11-09Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationLESTER N MAYFIELD; KAROLYN F MAYFIELDUPRIGHT LAW PLLC4:17-bk-13371
2017-11-09Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationPATRICIA A PERRINEMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13378
2017-11-09Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationNICHOLAS R D LUCAMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13379
2017-11-09Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRAYMOND C ALICIO; SHARON L ALICIOMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13384
2017-11-09Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationERICA L GUTIERREZERIC SLOCUM SPARKS PC4:17-bk-13400
2017-11-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARK M FOX; ALMA T FOXTHOMPSON LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-13424
2017-11-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationELCANYO C DIXON JRWRIGHT LAW OFFICES4:17-bk-13430
2017-11-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationERICA R SHARPTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13433
2017-11-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRAYMUNDO G FLORESASHETON B CALL4:17-bk-13435
2017-11-10Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJEREMY P JUSTVIG; NIKOLE A JUSTVIGLERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-13437
2017-11-10Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationARNIE KAHNMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13427
2017-11-10Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDEBRA M BARBONEMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13428
2017-11-10Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTAMMY M MERCADOTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13434
2017-11-10Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCLARA GODFREYLAW OFFICE OF KATHRYN L JOHNSON4:17-bk-13438
2017-11-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKALANI K TIGERPRO SE4:17-bk-13446
2017-11-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARIE L FUDALAERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-13469
2017-11-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTIMOTHY C HOSKINSONERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-13480
2017-11-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL L GARCIA; GLORIA V GARCIAPRO SE4:17-bk-13486
2017-11-13Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationERIC M ROBLESPRO SE4:17-bk-13487
2017-11-13Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationBRIAN G BILLINGSPRO SE4:17-bk-13460
2017-11-13Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationLANCE S DONALD; JULIE M DONALDMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13476
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDONALD E MCNELLYPRO SE4:17-bk-13501
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRENEE G JOHNSTONPRO SE4:17-bk-13503
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationALAN J BIANCARDI; BRENDA K BIANCARDINEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-13504
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL J MULLENSLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13505
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGUADALUPE ANDRUSBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-13511
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRANCISCO X QUEVEDO JRBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-13512
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDANIEL D PRESHAW; KRISSI PRESHAWTEAGUE LAW FIRM4:17-bk-13515
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDONALD R BELLOMYKASEY C NYE PLLC4:17-bk-13522
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDAVID A MARTINEZLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13544
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationIRENE M RAMSEYTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13545
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPARRIS W ALLISON-GREENENEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-13546
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationHENRY C HOLGUINMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-13550
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMELECIO LUNA III; MICHELLE L LUNAMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-13551
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTERESA SIQUEIROSLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13555
2017-11-14Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLORI M MCGUIRELAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-13560
2017-11-14Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOSEPH T GERACE; DENISE D GERACEMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13528
2017-11-14Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJORGE L ABREUGREEVES AND ROETHLER PLC4:17-bk-13529
2017-11-14Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationANGELA K MUISEMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13531
2017-11-14Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRICK K KOROSCIL; BRIANA E KOROSCILMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-13534
2017-11-14Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJERRY B STAFFORD; CAROL A STAFFORDOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-13535
2017-11-14Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMANUEL R DUARTE IVPRO SE4:17-bk-13539
2017-11-14Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDOLORES MORENOUPRIGHT LAW PLLC4:17-bk-13553
2017-11-15Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationALYZDEE MOLINA; SERGIO MOLINAPRO SE4:17-bk-13578
2017-11-15Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJESUS Q CHAVEZPRO SE4:17-bk-13587
2017-11-15Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDOUGLAS E PEERYARBOLEDA BRECHNER4:17-bk-13595
2017-11-15Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationELIZABETH GRAYCATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-13596
2017-11-15Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGABRIEL GHINEAPRO SE4:17-bk-13601
2017-11-15Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBERT M VERDUGO; VANESSA N VERDUGOMEYER LAW PC4:17-bk-13605
2017-11-15Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationVICTOR HERNANDEZ; LAURA RUELASADAM C RIETH PLLC4:17-bk-13606
2017-11-15Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTINA M JOINERKELLY MCCOY PLC4:17-bk-13613
2017-11-15Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationEDGARDO R GONZALEZWRIGHT LAW OFFICES4:17-bk-13618
2017-11-15Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMIGUEL DENOGEAN; MARY DENOGEANPEW LAW CENTER PLLC4:17-bk-13623
2017-11-15Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHERI E BIGHAMMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC4:17-bk-13627
2017-11-15Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDAVID L MCGEHEELAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13576
2017-11-15Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRAY A BUNGARD JRPRO SE4:17-bk-13590
2017-11-15Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJASON C NASWORTHYMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13594
2017-11-15Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationWILLAIM L GRIFFEN; WENDY A GRIFFENMEYER LAW PC4:17-bk-13607
2017-11-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPAUL V DERRICK; DANIELLE A DERRICKLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13629
2017-11-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCATHERINE CURRYLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13630
2017-11-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationERIC M WINFIELDPRO SE4:17-bk-13632
2017-11-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCATHERINE MORALESPRO SE4:17-bk-13638
2017-11-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGLORIANA L URIASPRO SE4:17-bk-13641
2017-11-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationOLGA G RUBIOSOUTHERN ARIZONA LEGAL AID INC4:17-bk-13642
2017-11-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTERRY A KILPATRICKLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13651
2017-11-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTABITHA J RAYPRO SE4:17-bk-13665
2017-11-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDARA R MCMAINSLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13670
2017-11-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDUSTY D CHANDLERCAPSTONE LAW4:17-bk-13672
2017-11-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNICOLE M FRAHMTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13677
2017-11-16Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJESUS C GONZALEZLAW OFFICE OF ERICA SANCHEZ4:17-bk-13680
2017-11-16Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationGAYLE L OLDREBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-13647
2017-11-16Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationPATRICIA J FREEMANDANIEL J RYLANDER PC4:17-bk-13656
2017-11-16Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDANVIS S SMITHPRO SE4:17-bk-13668
2017-11-16Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSANDRA L BROWNSTEINERIC SLOCUM SPARKS PC4:17-bk-13676
2017-11-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJULIE A BOL.PRO SE4:17-bk-13709
2017-11-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBRANDON STARKPRO SE4:17-bk-13712
2017-11-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBEATRICE P GOULDPRO SE4:17-bk-13714
2017-11-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFILLMORE NEALCATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-13716
2017-11-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSAMUEL SCHMIDTTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13726
2017-11-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROXANNA WARDLERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-13728
2017-11-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationIBRAHIN ROBLESADAM C RIETH PLLC4:17-bk-13730
2017-11-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLORRAINE O VALDEZLAW OFFICE OF LINDA LORY4:17-bk-13736
2017-11-17Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJULIA ACEVEDOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13738
2017-11-17Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationBROOKE H EWARTPRO SE4:17-bk-13711
2017-11-17Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationWES E SLAGLEPRO SE4:17-bk-13731
2017-11-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFELINA J CHANDLERTHE HARTLEY LAW CENTER PLLC4:17-bk-13749
2017-11-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationARTHUR M CONTRERASPRO SE4:17-bk-13755
2017-11-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOE J PERALTAPRO SE4:17-bk-13756
2017-11-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRAY A YOUNG SR; ELVIA M YOUNGLAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-13772
2017-11-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSTEVEN P GRAVESTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13773
2017-11-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationASHLEY A VELASQUEZPRO SE4:17-bk-13785
2017-11-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDEIDRE L DABNEYPRO SE4:17-bk-13789
2017-11-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLORILEE BAILELAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13792
2017-11-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationHEIDI A CARPENTERLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13794
2017-11-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationOLIVIA C HARTMANBROWN NAEGLE CRIDER AND JENSEN LLC4:17-bk-13807
2017-11-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDAVID R GLASS; SHANTAL M TELLEZBROWN NAEGLE CRIDER AND JENSEN LLC4:17-bk-13808
2017-11-20Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRANDY L MOELLERBROWN NAEGLE CRIDER AND JENSEN LLC4:17-bk-13809
2017-11-20Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationROBERT Q BLASSINGAME JRLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13750
2017-11-20Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationADAM R MARTINEZPRO SE4:17-bk-13759
2017-11-20Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSEAN M CALDWELLASHETON B CALL4:17-bk-13779
2017-11-20Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationAPRIL S HAYWOODLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13799
2017-11-20Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRANDAL WILLIAMSCATALYST LEGAL GROUP PLLC4:17-bk-13806
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationVIRGINIA L BREAN-CHAVISLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13811
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKYLE A TAYLORTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13829
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRANCES E TIMMSLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13831
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationADAYA L WIEBEPRO SE4:17-bk-13832
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOHN P SLOANOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-13840
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLARRY G PATRICIO; NANNETTE M PATRICIOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13845
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCOE D EMMETTTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13846
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANA M TODDLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13854
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNICHOLAS C COPPLEMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-13856
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCINTHYA JUAREZPRO SE4:17-bk-13860
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSHEA R HESLEP JR; MARIA D L HESLEPERIC SLOCUM SPARKS PC4:17-bk-13861
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHAEL F CARROZZA; DIANE M CARROZZALERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-13862
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationVICTORIA L FLETCHERMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13872
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANITA M V D LEEMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13875
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBERT B CUBLEY; CELIA L CUBLEYARIANO AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13881
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMICHELLE K STAHLLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13882
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationERIN A CLARKLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13885
2017-11-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSUZANNE M BRUNERLAW OFFICES OF CHARLES N KENDALL JR4:17-bk-13893
2017-11-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMICHAEL D MCKENZIE; PANAYIOTA M MCKENZIEERIC SLOCUM SPARKS PC4:17-bk-13865
2017-11-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRAMONA L HANNAGANMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13869
2017-11-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSTESHEENA T WARDMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-13870
2017-11-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationPHILIP J B DUENASLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13887
2017-11-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationENRIQUE A CEBALLOSMY ARIZONA LAWYERS PLLC4:17-bk-13890
2017-11-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationALBERT M VASQUEZLAW OFFICES OF C R HYDE4:17-bk-13892
2017-11-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBERT A ROSSJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-13895
2017-11-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNATHAN J TROMPKE; JESSICA D TROMPKEERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-13909
2017-11-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationESMERELDA VALADEZASHETON B CALL4:17-bk-13910
2017-11-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationVOLNEY M FIKE IVCHARLES L FIRESTEIN4:17-bk-13912
2017-11-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKEITH E MARTIN; ROBERTA J MARTINTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-13916
2017-11-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARTIN G VALENCIA; ROSA I VALENCIAPRO SE4:17-bk-13924
2017-11-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationREYNALDO GRANILLO JRERIC OLLASON4:17-bk-13926
2017-11-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBRIAN K RAMON IIMEYER LAW PC4:17-bk-13927
2017-11-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCANDACE M ROSE; FRANCISCO A SOVEYPRO SE4:17-bk-13930
2017-11-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJONNIE R STILLMANOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-13935
2017-11-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSANDRA L ALFLAW OFFICES OF DOUGLAS B PRICE PC4:17-bk-13945
2017-11-22Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOANNE C SALDIVARLAW OFFICE OF JACK PRITT4:17-bk-13904
2017-11-22Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCHARLES W DITTIGPRO SE4:17-bk-13907
2017-11-22Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTHOMAS GILMOREPRO SE4:17-bk-13921
2017-11-22Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMARY K WHITERUSINSKI LAW FIRM LLC4:17-bk-13948
2017-11-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJUSTIN S BAILEYLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-13966
2017-11-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOHN JABINPRO SE4:17-bk-13975
2017-11-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBERTO GONZALEZ; ARIANA GONZALEZPRO SE4:17-bk-13984
2017-11-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKEVIN L EGHTESADIBRIDEGROOM AND HAYES4:17-bk-13986
2017-11-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationREBEKEH A SUTTONPRO SE4:17-bk-13990
2017-11-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARK S SARGENTPRO SE4:17-bk-13993
2017-11-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOAQUIN F ENCINAS JR; MARIA R ENCINASALLEN LAW FIRM4:17-bk-13996
2017-11-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRACHEL HOBBSPRO SE4:17-bk-13999
2017-11-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCORY J ROSEATCHLEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-14016
2017-11-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSEPH KOVACSFITZGIBBONS LAW OFFICES PLC4:17-bk-14019
2017-11-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDAVID B SOTO; TAMMY L SOTOOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-14020
2017-11-27Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDOUGLAS D MORGAN; JAYNE M MORGANOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-14001
2017-11-27Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJORGE A ROSADO; DIANETTE ROSADOMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-14010
2017-11-27Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationLISA D WAITELAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-14017
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFRANCISCO J VALENZUELATHE HARTLEY LAW CENTER PLLC4:17-bk-14042
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOYCE E CLACKLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-14047
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTRACY G PERON; EILEEN F PERONPRO SE4:17-bk-14048
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCRAIG D BELINSKITHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-14053
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJESUS H TELLEZPRO SE4:17-bk-14058
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationELIZABETH HOWELLPRO SE4:17-bk-14060
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBIN E DEFELICELERNER AND ROWE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-14073
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationROBERT L KATSARISPRO SE4:17-bk-14074
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJACK JURJEVICH; VIRGINIA W JURJEVICHERIC SLOCUM PARKS PC4:17-bk-14076
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMINDI L BROOKSMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-14084
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHRISTINA L REEDLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-14085
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationHAROLD L CINADREMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-14086
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationARTHUR M ORNELAS JR; KARLA A ORNELASMEINERS LAW OFFICE PLC4:17-bk-14088
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLAURIE K RESTAD-HAMILTONLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-14089
2017-11-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJOSE A PICAZO; CRYSTAL R PICAZOLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-14097
2017-11-28Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSAMUEL J CRINERLAW OFFICE OF CHERYL K COPPERSTONE4:17-bk-14043
2017-11-28Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationPEGGY L CLEMANSPRO SE4:17-bk-14059
2017-11-28Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRICHARD W HIGGERSON; JUDITH L HIGGERSONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-14081
2017-11-28Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTRACEY L TAPIAMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-14082
2017-11-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMATTHEW L BILLINGSLEYTHE MOAK LAW FIRM4:17-bk-14108
2017-11-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationTHOMAS J LATHAMTHE MOAK LAW FIRM4:17-bk-14109
2017-11-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationANTHONY MORAGAJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-14126
2017-11-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKATI E BUTERAASHETON B CALL4:17-bk-14127
2017-11-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFREDERICK M MILLER; ALEXANDER MILLERJAMES J GENTILE PC4:17-bk-14128
2017-11-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDIANE R DELGADOTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP4:17-bk-14158
2017-11-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRICHARD S MORALES; TINA M MORALESNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-14161
2017-11-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationWILLIAM E PROVENCALLAW OFFICES OF THOMPSON AND MCGINNIS4:17-bk-14162
2017-11-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRANDEL M NAVARRO; LORI A BOESEOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-14173
2017-11-29Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRUDY RODRIGUEZPRO SE4:17-bk-14121
2017-11-29Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSCOTT M STROBELPRO SE4:17-bk-14124
2017-11-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSANDRA L LEWISTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-14189
2017-11-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationARTHUR V LOFTON-CASTILLOPRO SE4:17-bk-14198
2017-11-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSTEVE O CASILLASLAW OFFICE OF CHERYL K COPPERSTONE4:17-bk-14204
2017-11-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBISMARCK W LANCER; VALERIE N LANCERLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-14218
2017-11-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMARY L LANDEROSNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-14229
2017-11-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationHERIBERTO R TERANLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-14232
2017-11-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPAMELA P TAYLORTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-14233
2017-11-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationHANS J PUTNAM; PENNY J PUTNAMLEONARD V SOMINSKY PC4:17-bk-14234
2017-11-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBENJAMIN L PALMALAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-14237
2017-11-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKENITH L TURNERPRICE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-14241
2017-11-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMECHELLE L SCHAEFERPRICE LAW GROUP4:17-bk-14243
2017-11-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLAURENCE E HAGGE; HEATHER M HAGGEBREEN OLSON AND TRENTON LLP4:17-bk-14244
2017-11-30Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKENNETH R BALE; JOSEPHINE M BALEFITZGIBBONS LAW OFFICES PLC4:17-bk-14258
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJAMES R HUERTA; MARIA C HUERTAFARNSWORTH LAW OFFICES INC4:17-bk-14192
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJOSEPH G FALTER; MARGARET A FALTERTHOMPSON LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-14200
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationNAOMI N SHANNONTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-14205
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDONNA L RHYNERLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-14210
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMICHAEL P OROZCO; NANCY S TADEO-OROZCODANIEL J RYLANDER PC4:17-bk-14211
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMARC A BROWN; LISA A BROWNNEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-14215
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMARCIA L GREENLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-14219
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationWESLEY M ULMANEKTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-14248
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationWAYNE P CRUM; CASSANDRA J MAXWELLLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-14250
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMORGAN J EDWARDS JR; TERESA K EDWARDSOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-14254
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationPEDRO T PINON; RACQUEL PINONOSWALT LAW GROUP PC4:17-bk-14255
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationANGELICA M VIDALJOHNSON LAW OFFICES4:17-bk-14256
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCYNTHIA IRBYFITZGIBBONS LAW OFFICES PLC4:17-bk-14257
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDAVID A BURNSIDE; JEREME C BURNSIDEMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-14260
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationBERNADETTE A OLSONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-14262
2017-11-30Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationANTHONY T JOHNSONMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-14263
2017-12-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationISAAC S MARTINEZ; SOCORRO V MARTINEZLAW OFFICE OF RICHARD LUFF PLLC4:17-bk-14881
2017-12-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRICHARD GARZANEELEY LAW FIRM PLC4:17-bk-14884
2017-12-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCHERYL C BRDAKTHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-14887
2017-12-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCYNTHIA K HOAGLANDLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-14888
2017-12-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationALAN F AGUIRRE; VANESSA V AGUIRRELAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-14898
2017-12-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGABRIEL A BARRERAS SRPRO SE4:17-bk-14899
2017-12-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDANIEL A RIVERA; DULCE M RIVERATHE ARIZONA LAW GROUP OF TREZZA AND ASSOC4:17-bk-14907
2017-12-19Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRICARDO MORENO; INES A RODRIGUEZKASEY C NYE PLLC4:17-bk-14916
2017-12-19Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMONIQUE C FUENTESLAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW FOLEY PLC4:17-bk-14875
2017-12-19Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationELYSE R MALIKMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-14909
2017-12-19Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationWILLIAM A MONDAY; CRYSTAL H DELPMORTENSEN LAW OFFICES PLLC4:17-bk-14911
2017-12-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDiane C NovilloLaw Firm: Bruce D. BridegroomCase No: 4:17-bk-15024
2017-12-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRobert Allen Rose; Patricia McMahon RoseLaw Firm: Ross K. MeinersCase No: 4:17-bk-15026
2017-12-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMelissa RetanaLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:17-bk-15029
2017-12-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationThomas Salvetore Cardona; Doris Jean CardonaLaw Firm: Wayne MortensenCase No: 4:17-bk-15049
2017-12-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationArthanise FlemingLaw Firm: Wayne MortensenCase No: 4:17-bk-15051
2017-12-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationEnver Zuhric; Deanana ZuhricLaw Firm: Wayne MortensenCase No: 4:17-bk-15052
2017-12-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBryan Alan Hill; Valerie Michele HillLaw Firm: Matthew Thomas FoleyCase No: 4:17-bk-15056
2017-12-21Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLorinda G DestriniLaw Firm: Glenn W. RoethlerCase No: 4:17-bk-15066
2017-12-20Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMorgan A. Trevers; Estella TreversLaw Firm: Jody A. CorralesCase No: 4:17-bk-14951
2017-12-20Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationShannon O RobertsLaw Firm: Bruce D. BridegroomCase No: 4:17-bk-14958
2017-12-20Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationGretchen Holly HuberLaw Firm: Cheryl K. CopperstoneCase No: 4:17-bk-14979
2017-12-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationEric Todd Erickson; Sonia Maristela EricksonLaw Firm: Kathryn L. Johnson FinnCase No: 4:17-bk-15001
2017-12-21Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationAlan Clarence DeanLaw Firm: German YusufovCase No: 4:17-bk-15030
2017-12-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKirk L. Markworth Jr.Law Firm: Daniel RylanderCase No: 4:17-bk-15070
2017-12-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCinthya JuarezLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:17-bk-15074
2017-12-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationShauna Lirae MinorLaw Firm: Daniel RylanderCase No: 4:17-bk-15077
2017-12-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPaul Leatham; Kathleen LeathamLaw Firm: Wesley Denton RayCase No: 4:17-bk-15086
2017-12-22Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFrancisco Garcia; Lisette GarciaLaw Firm: Stephen Mark TrezzaCase No: 4:17-bk-15096
2017-12-22Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRobert N RodriguezLaw Firm: Ross K. MeinersCase No: 4:17-bk-15081
2017-12-22Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationAnna C TornquistLaw Firm: Stephen Mark TrezzaCase No: 4:17-bk-15087
2017-12-22Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationYvonne David Santa CruzLaw Firm: Stephen Mark TrezzaCase No: 4:17-bk-15094
2017-12-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRonald Keith Drews; Maria DrewsLaw Firm: Matthew Thomas FoleyCase No: 4:17-bk-15111
2017-12-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCarmen Mae DahleyLaw Firm: Stephen Mark TrezzaCase No: 4:17-bk-15114
2017-12-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationShelly Marie SutphinLaw Firm: Stephen Mark TrezzaCase No: 4:17-bk-15118
2017-12-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationYolanda C SalgadoLaw Firm: Kasey C NyeCase No: 4:17-bk-15120
2017-12-26Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFelipe Salas; Maria Jesus SalasLaw Firm: Kasey C NyeCase No: 4:17-bk-15121
2017-12-26Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationElizabeth VasquezLaw Firm: Matthew Thomas FoleyCase No: 4:17-bk-15115
2017-12-26Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationMichael BetheaLaw Firm: Stephen Mark TrezzaCase No: 4:17-bk-15123
2017-12-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDavid Valdez Loera; Teresa LoeraLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:17-bk-15133
2017-12-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMary Helen GonzalesLaw Firm: Daniel RylanderCase No: 4:17-bk-15139
2017-12-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationEmmanuel GonzalezLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:17-bk-15147
2017-12-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFrancisco J Gonzalez; Lourdes P Carrasco-GonzalezLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:17-bk-15148
2017-12-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJason A Harvey; Nicole M HarveyLaw Firm: Matthew Robert HartleyCase No: 4:17-bk-15151
2017-12-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationLouis Vernon HendersonLaw Firm: Stephen Mark TrezzaCase No: 4:17-bk-15155
2017-12-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationDavid Alejandro FonsecaLaw Firm: German YusufovCase No: 4:17-bk-15170
2017-12-27Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationNicholas Scott GutierrezLaw Firm: Stephen Mark TrezzaCase No: 4:17-bk-15174
2017-12-27Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationTimothy Joseph TragerLaw Firm: Harold E CampbellCase No: 4:17-bk-15144
2017-12-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJonathan Gilmore Jones; Susan Anne GreggLaw Firm: Matthew Thomas FoleyCase No: 4:17-bk-15185
2017-12-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSteve Isidoro DorameLaw Firm: Matthew Thomas FoleyCase No: 4:17-bk-15187
2017-12-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationVelia A LagunaLaw Firm: Bruce D. BridegroomCase No: 4:17-bk15206
2017-12-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationCory Patrick AllenLaw Firm: Matthew Thomas FoleyCase No: 4:17-bk-15220
2017-12-28Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationPaul Ira LasherLaw Firm: Wayne MortensenCase No: 4:17-bk-15228
2017-12-28Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationKathleen Louise RicherLaw Firm: Stephen Mark TrezzaCase No: 4:17-bk-15222
2017-12-28Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDavid Pasillas Jr.Law Firm: Wayne MortensenCase No: 4:17-bk-15230
2017-12-28Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJesus C Gallego IIILaw Firm: Stephen Mark TrezzaCase No: 4:17-bk-15233
2017-12-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationEmma G CruzLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:17-bk-15245
2017-12-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBree Sunshine WilceLaw Firm: Kathryn Grace MahadyCase No: 4:17-bk-15262
2017-12-29Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationFrank R Reyna Sr.; Elda S ReynaLaw Firm: Eric OllasonCase No: 4:17-bk-15264
2017-12-29Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationAnne Marie JonesLaw Firm: Matthew Thomas FoleyCase No: 4:17-bk-15243
2018-01-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationGilbert Escarcega Abril IIILaw Firm: Matthew Thomas FoleyCase No: 4:18-bk-00021
2018-01-02Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSamuel James KirklandLaw Firm: Stephen Mark TrezzaCase No: 4:18-bk-00023
2018-01-02Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRaul Jose RodriguezLaw Firm: Wayne MortensenCase No: 4:18-bk-00025
2018-01-02Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationSteven Vilas Oathout; Sondra Sue OathoutLaw Firm: Wayne MortensenCase No: 4:18-bk-00026
2018-01-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationKathleen Elizabeth MilamLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:18-bk-00037
2018-01-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationIan Charles DobsonLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:18-bk-00042
2018-01-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationBrian Scott Echols; Catherine Tia EcholsLaw Firm: Matthew Thomas FoleyCase No: 4:18-bk-00047
2018-01-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMichael John MackeyLaw Firm: Matthew Thomas FoleyCase No: 4:18-bk-00049
2018-01-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationAnna M ByerLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:18-bk-00066
2018-01-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRonald Kevin StewartLaw Firm: Andrew S NemethCase No: 4:18-bk-00071
2018-01-03Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMichelle L KarcherLaw Firm: Morgan B McCainCase No: 4:18-bk-00072
2018-01-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationRoch A RuoffLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:18-bk-00040
2018-01-03Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCynthia Ann ToliverLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:18-bk-00060
2018-01-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationElyse Yvette RobinsonLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:18-bk-00087
2018-01-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMary A SweetLaw Firm: Bruce D. BridegroomCase No: 4:18-bk-00090
2018-01-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationJohn R BeltronLaw Firm: Ross K. MeinersCase No: 4:18-bk-00101
2018-01-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationChristopher Scott LambLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:18-bk-00104
2018-01-04Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMaribel GarciaLaw Firm: Matthew Thomas FoleyCase No: 4:18-bk-00106
2018-01-04Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCarlos Antonio Salazar; Karina I SalazarLaw Firm: Ross K. MeinersCase No: 4:18-bk-00097
2018-01-04Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationJeffrey Dean Kellywood; Terisa Lynn KellywoodLaw Firm: Wayne MortensenCase No: 4:18-bk-00115
2018--01-04Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationDouglas Murray SandersLaw Firm: Daniel RylanderCase No: 4:18-bk-00118
2018-01-05Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSandra Haydee Serna RodriguezLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:18-bk-00128
2018-01-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationRPM Building & Design LLCLaw Firm: Eric Slocum SparksCase No: 4:18-bk-00184
2018-01-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMalinda W ArmentaLaw Firm: Juan Daniel BacalskiCase No: 4:18-bk-00185
2018-01-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationMichael A SimpsonLaw Firm: Pro SeCase No: 4:18-bk-00187
2018-01-08Chapter 7 Personal LiquidationSteve Ramon NunezLaw Firm: Andrew S NemethCase No: 4:18-bk-00194
2018-01-08Chapter 13 Personal ReorganizationCharlotte A FlemingLaw Firm: Stephen Mark TrezzaCase No: 4:18-bk-00192

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